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365sol donates 20% of all profits

365sol donates 20% of all profits to support the efforts of these charities and businesses. We have carefully selected them based on their actions, focus and the ethics of the organization. We uphold the same standards of these organizations just like we do of the travel businesses we select. The money donated goes directly to their prospective causes and not to line the pockets of the mega rich hiding behind their fraudulent non-profits. By visiting 365sol and our carefully selected travel businesses, you are donating to these vitally important charities. – Thank you for making a difference.



Every 30 seconds a child is stolen for sex, slave labor, or organ harvesting somewhere in the world.

- Tim Ballard, CEO Operation Underground Railroad


9 out of ten addictions start in the teen years.

- ABC news


To date, some 100 million copies of the The Way to Happiness have been distributed in more than 114 languages and in over 170 countries.

Only 13% of people worldwide are very happy.

– Pew Research



We not only want to provide to charities but to start-ups and small businesses that are looking to grow to provide jobs in their area and help the global economy. We know how difficult it is to grow a successful business. There are many struggling small companies that are ran by great people that want to make a difference in this world but unfortunately are unable to get their idea off the ground. Due to lack of funding, or lack of exposure or other reasons, many great companies simply fade off into existence and never get to see their dream come into fruition. 365sol proudly supports these small businesses through our  

Life Made Better 


Mark Scott
Earth Conscious Nutraceuticals
John Smith
Earth Conscious Nutraceuticals
Alex Hales
Earth Conscious Nutraceuticals
Jessica M.
Earth Conscious Nutraceuticals

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After hours and days and months of planning vacations – some amazing (which are now on the site so you can experience them too) and some not the best (you’ll never find them here), we set out to provide a place where you can find unique experiences recommended by travel experts. You will find hand picked places that consistently deliver good experiences to their guests with amazing locations and activities creating the perfect combo for you to write your story.

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